gaun-sesion-fabrica-sin-logo-59GAUN S.A. was founded at the beginning of the 80s with the firm intention of reaching a position of privilege within the livestock and domestic animal sectors.

The philosophy at GAUN S.A. has always been orientated towards satisfying our clients' needs. Due to this, we expand the product catalogue and improve existing products on a regular basis. We also offer a quick and efficient service and advise our clients where possible.

To carry out our activities we have the latest technologies on the market. We have machinery for electro welding wire mesh and machines for line and spot welding, programmable machines for perforating patterns in sheet metal, machines for punching large sheets of metal, machines for cutting and bending tubes, machines for vacuum packing etc.

The entire production process is carried out under the supervision of quality controls and with the support of the R&D department, achieving finished products of the highest quality.

Maintaining good relations with clients is another of the most important considerations for our company. As a result of this, our sales team will visit you from time to time to advise you and deal with any doubts or suggestions you may have. We also have our own fleet of lorries which is responsible for delivering to our clients.

n this web page you will find practical information about the features of our range of products for livestock and domestic animals. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the quality of our finished products, methods of production, philosophy etc...

We hope that our efforts meet your expectations and if you have any doubts or suggestions you will contact the company, which will be happy to deal with any enquiries.


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