EAN: 8435039023454
Delivered with PVC insulated sandwich panels this egg incubator secures perfect insulation, complete water resistance & easiness on all cleaning and disinfection operations. Conceived to ensure an excellent performance MG 316 Neptunus is fitted with an automatic turning of eggs through practical and light plastic trays. Such trays are useful for collecting eggs on the poultry houses and for stocking eggs thanks to their possibility to be overlapped. The LCD Evo thermostat supplied is the most advanced with an high range of serial features like integrated °C / °F conversion, temperature & humidity adjustment (with ultrasounds humidifier – option), maximum alarm system, incubation calendar, different programming system with the possibility to adjust different timings & temperatures and much more. Delivered as standard with 3 setting trays 216 hen’s eggs and one hatching basket 100 eggs, the unit is also available with capacity of 288 eggs. This unit is serially delivered with a semiautomatic humidity system with a basin with constant level water flow and water accumulation tank.
Dimensions: 570x680x780 mm
Units per box: 1
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MG 316 NEPTUNUS model has been subject to some recent fundamental modifications to ventilation system and the egg turning device, which have highly increased performance and, rightly, made it even more attractive to our customers. Really, in addition to serial equipment, Neptunus model incubator represents the basis for using semi-professional machines and has an excellent quality/price ratio, also considering the effective quantity of eggs it can house. With cabin made of stratified materials with laminate finishing, the incubator is also available in insulated and prepainted steel. MG 316 Neptunus incubator, with full automated turning of eggs, uses special cellular egg trays made of high-density plastic material. Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and a wet-bulb hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator. Two port-holes on the door provides for a perfect view inside the incubator and the internal light allows an easy inspections of the eggs. A decimal-precision digital thermostat allows to easily and accurately adjust various parameters.