Gaun, S.A. was founded in the early 1980s with the firm intention of achieving a privileged position in the livestock and pet sector. 

Our philosophy

Gaun, S.A.’s work philosophy has always been oriented towards satisfying the wishes of our customers. For this reason, day by day we try to increase the catalogue of products catalogue, improve existing products, offer a fast and efficient service and advise our distribution network as much as possible.

The latest technologies

In order to carry out our activity we have the most up-to-date technologies on the market, as we have wire electro-welding machinery, one of the latest technologies for punching sheet metal, numerical control press brakes, large presses, various machines for welding (both spot and electric), tube cutting and bending machines, shrink-wrapping machines, etc.

Quality control

This entire production process is carried out under the supervision of quality control and with the support of the R+D+i department, thus achieving a top quality finish.

R+D+I Department

At GAUN, S.A. we have the most advanced machinery and an R+D+I department in charge of designing new products and optimising existing ones in order to guarantee an ideal range of cages, feeders, waterers and other accessories for animals. 


Our sales team continuously advises and visits our dealer network and our own transport fleet ensures a fast and efficient service.


GAUN, S.A. has achieved a privileged position in the national market, as a result of more than 30 years of work in the sector. Furthermore, in recent years our company has been carrying out internationalisation work that is allowing the brand to be projected worldwide, as we already have distributors throughout Europe, Australia and America.

We have everything

Our customers particularly appreciate the breadth of the range, as in our catalogue you can find aviaries, cages, feeders, manual drinkers, automatic drinkers, hoppers, nests, hutches, etc. In addition, we use different materials (plastic, galvanised sheet metal, galvanised wire, aluminium, wood, etc.) in order to offer a wide range of products, etc.) in order to offer a range of products that can be adapted to the different needs of consumers.

The best distribution network at your service

Maintaining a close relationship with our distribution network is another of the most important premises for our company. Thus, our sales team makes a point of visiting them periodically, advising them and attending to any queries or suggestions they may have. In addition, we have our own fleet of lorries which are responsible for delivering to our customers.