EAN: 8435039025212
  • Dimensions: mm. Ø 70
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red
  • Units per box: 1 (Each box contains 2 units)
  • Animals: Poultry and game
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  • The DIY chicken feeder features an innovative design that minimizes waste, thanks to a downward-extending opening that counteracts food spillage and reduces waste, resulting in a more hygienic and organized poultry environment.
  • This feeder optimizes efficiency in chicken feeding by preventing mess and food loss, leading to significant savings in terms of both money and time.
  • The water-resistant lid and rubber seal of the feeder prevent water from leaking into the feeding container, thus protecting the food from potential damage.
  • This feature ensures that the food remains dry and that you can feed your chickens with the confidence that they are receiving clean food.
  • Additionally, being rain-resistant, this feeder can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility in its placement inside or outside the chicken coop.