EAN: 8435039023430
Conceived to ensure an excellent performance, Cosmo has an exclusive design and the easy disassembling secures a proper cleaning and disinfection.  Fitted with an automatic turning of eggs though an adjustable grid it allows incubation of all types of eggs, a very accurate mini led thermostat manages temperature & humidity (when equipped with an external ultrasounds humidifier – optional), integrated °C/°F conversion, reading thermometer, modular basins with a practical water filling system allow to manage manual humidification very easily.
Dimensions: 640x530x400 mm
Units per box: 1
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Temperature display & setting by 3 digits display with dot separation value. Humidity display. °C/°F immediate conversion. Temperature adjusting ways: PID / ON-OFF. Digital adjustment of temperature and humidity sensors. Independent temperature & humidity sensors for more reading accuracy. Humidity and temperature sensors inside the machine are completely separated and disconnected to maximize reading accuracy and reliability. The automatic turning of eggs is allowed by a special mechanism which, thanks to slow and continuous automatic movement of the whole housing seat, helps proper development of embryo and inhibits its dangerous adhesions to egg shells. The new polyvalent and professional turning grid has been specifically conceived for incubation of eggs of different dimensions, thanks to extractable and adjustable modules.