EAN: 8435039023461
This models is specifically conceived & developed for the incubation of valuable species like parrots, birds of prey, falcons, equipped with a silent & reliable electronic fan with no vibrations, no heating while working, low consumption (secure high performance & stable temperature), the LCD control is the most advanced with an high range of serial features like integrated °C / °F conversion, temperature & humidity adjustment (with ultrasounds humidifier – option) – maximum alarm system, incubation calendar, different programming system with the possibility to adjust different timings & temperatures – optionally available with professional tray with rollers for more delicate tuning of smaller eggs  , a light warns about the activation of the automatic turning of eggs – the indicative capacity depends on the species to be incubated / normally consider about 45-50 hen’s eggs – This unit is serially delivered with a semiautomatic humidity system with a basin with constant level water flow and water accumulation tank.
Dimensions: 420x530x400 mm
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This incubator includes a system of a serial automatic turning of eggs by proper specifical setting basket with extractable and adjustable modules, it allows housing eggs of different dimensions inside it. A decimal-precision digital thermostat allows to easily and accurately adjust the temperature. The machine is ventilated and a special device allows adjusting the ventilation intensity. Automatic turning of eggs. Cabin made of stratified materials with laminate finishing (also available in insulated and prepainted steel version). Temperature is read through °C precision thermometer. A wet-bulb °C hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator. Humidification is performed through water basin (automatic humidification is available upon request with digital adjustment).